Sunday, February 20, 2011

Club Penguin Silver Puffle Real

New digiKam version helps the Windows version tracking on jumps

The popular Linux program was originally digiKam as a graphical Frontend to dub Photos in the Digital camera developed for the PC. Meanwhile, from the little tool is a comprehensive archiving software with image editing features, presentation tools and management tools become. The available version 1.8 makes for some weeks now on Windows systems, a good figure and is therefore the first time equipped with the typical installer routine. Zudemm carried out a number of bug fixes (bug fixes), so that the present version of Windows is now finally done their work properly.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Redesign My House Frount

Time which is what turns ...

Today I mounted the drive train is complete and the belt tension. Then the engines internally parallel and then both clamped in series. Also, the DC / DC converter max. 370V -> 13.5 V including the 12V motorcycle battery I have for testing, once clamped, so once again all about. Only the straps were very loud. Then I have a bit, it got better. The next step is now all installed in the car.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

How Tohook Up Mpc 2000 To The Computer

delete photo duplicates, or move with Visual Search Pony

One of the undisputed greatest advantages of digital photography is the low cost of creating a photo. So it is only normal that inhabit a very short time, often hundreds or even thousands of photos domestic hard drive and take up valuable space. Many of these photos are duplicates or very similar and could be actually deleted. To ensure that this procedure does not degenerate to the manual Sisyphean task, there are tools like Visual search pony. The freeware is independently capable of the same or similar images of an assigned image folder to find and easy to enumerate. This allows Duplicators detect and fix just delete or move to another location.

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More info and download at